Our History

January 1965
First Branch Sabbath School & church service was held at the Reformation Lutheran Church which had 67 members attending.
They had been sponsored since that time by the San Jose Central Church under Pastor E. L. Jolliffe.
November 13, 1965 The Milpitas Branch Sabbath School was formally organized as a church with 49 Charter members.
First Elders Gerald Johnson, Charles Powers, Hugo Eickmann, & Jean Koenig
Later this group moved to the Park Victoria Baptist Church while waiting for the church to be built.
October 1966 Mr. Stanley Baldwin, a teacher at Mountain View Union Academy (now called MVA) served as Pastor of the Milpitas Church & also assisted Elder Lester Ortner at the San Jose Central Church.
September 28, 1969 Ground breaking for the Milpitas SDA Church at 1991 Landess Ave., Milpitas, CA 95035.
February 28, 1974 Groundbreaking ceremonies for the new Sabbath School classrooms which will be known as Milpitas Discoveryland. It was the plan of the church to also use these classrooms as a daycare center program based on Christian principles of education for the community.
September 10, 1974 Discoveryland was officially opened.


1966 – 1967 Stanley Baldwin
1967 – 1969 Lester Ortner
1969 – 1971 Dan Fausett
1971 – 1972 Don Driver
1972 – 1975 Leonard Mills
1975 – 1977 Darrell Leamon
1977 – 1983 Larry Crane
1984 – 1986 Dave Gemmell
1987 – 1989 Richard Parker
1990 – 1997 Terry Swenson
1998 – 2003 Ramiro Cano
2001 – 2005 Billy Gager
2006 – 2011 Robert Benardo
2012 –¬†2014 Joshua Shin
2014 Joshua Majors
2015 –¬†2019 Antonio Cano
2020 –¬†Present Joshua Mura


Boger, Pearl Holland, Linda Powers, Viola
Caporgno, Clara Holland, Naomi Richter, Shirley
Caporgno, Linda Koenig, Arlie Mae Sandefer, Pearl
Chatman, Lenora Koenig, Jean Settle, Andrea
Duarte, Joseph Krigbaum, Lois Settle, Clarence Andrew
Duarte, Mabel Lauback, Jane Siegerthaier, Marsha Johnson
Eickmann, Helen Lauback, Quintin Stevens, Lainys
Eickmann, Hugo Lewis, David Tank, Mary
Fitzpatrick, Julie Johnson Lewis, Helen Tank, Norman
Johnson, Barbara Lewis, Judy Weathington, Annette
Johnson, Gerald Luxton, Judy Weidemann, Elsie R.
Johnson, Timothy Luxton, Larry Weidemann, Russell R.
Henderson, Marilyn Myers, Kurt Westcott, Elbert
Henderson, Raymond Potter, Lawrence Westcott, Elbertine
Holland, Anita Potter, Linda Westcott, Harr
Holland, Ester Powers, Charles
Holland, John Powers, Judy


Almocera Duarte Riegert
Atherton Gapasin Simpson
Cathcart Leamon Skeete
Chang Lewis Tucker
Colon Mead Tupper
Cook Nosik Weathington
Crane Rhodes


  • Foothill was originally called Milpitas Seventh-day Adventist School. The name was changed during the 1986-87 school year to Foothill Seventh-day Adventist School.
  • The address was originally 1991 Landess Avenue but was changed to 2375 Yellowstone for 2 years before reverting back to 1991 Landess Avenue.
  • January, 1965 Branch Sabbath School & Church Service: 67 members
  • July 2011 Milpitas SDA Church Membership: 577
  • Oldest baptized living member (as of 2011): 102 years old, Genevieve Clark
  • Youngest baptized (May 30, 2009) member: 7 years old, Jasmine Miguel