Formation Young Adult Internship


Our mission is to help reveal purpose, unlock potential, and equip the next generation to Re•Present and build the local church.

Our Formation Internship

Our Formation Internship prepares you for life in ministry. We exist to develop, empower and train young leaders to discover and prepare for the call of God on their lives. Interns will be submerged in the innovative transformative creative culture of Transformation Church. Our heart is to provide a unique environment where you can become a game changer! You will learn from our staff and leaders, serve the church and community, while seeing lives transformed.

Ministry Labs

Our Ministry Labs are designed to develop your gifts, skills, leadership, character and community through hands-on experience within specialized areas of ministry and various areas of church life.  Each intern will have a coach throughout the entire program. Our coaches will train, equip and give you opportunities to sharpen your skills and discover your calling.

Connections Lab

From their first church service to their first belong group meeting, this lab meets people where they are on their journey and helps them progress in their transformation. Interns will gain experience in communicating stories, coordinating events lead alongside volunteers, assess and improve current processes, develop and launch Growth Track Classes, develop strategies and create workflows to get people connected to God and much more.

Reach Lab

As a church we serve people not just in outreach but also through in-reach. Interns will have an opportunity to coordinate simple serving projects, develop strategies and workflows for our online campus, assist and create content to engage our online community and develop strategies for volunteer recruitment and partner engagement within our online and local campuses. Interns will also gain experience caring for people in times of need through counseling, funerals, weddings, and hospital visitations.

NextGen Lab

We value the next generation and have a major responsibility and burden to present and represent God in a simple, creative and fun way to help kids, youth, young adults and families live out the vision of Transformation Church.  In the NextGen Lab interns will plan, prepare, and implement lessons and activities, assist with volunteer development/follow-up, develop leadership talks, complete administrative tasks, coordinate special events, weekly programming and so much more.

Creative Lab

Whether video, photography, web, graphics, or social media, we have a place for you to use and develop your creative skills throughout our Creative Lab. Interns will gain experience in communicating stories, capturing moments both inside and outside the church and highlighting events. In order to be accepted into this lab there are entry level skills required. Interns will lead projects, develop teams and contribute to the vision of TC.

Operations Lab

Have you ever thought of what it really takes to run an efficient and effective church, here’s a hint it’s not just great preaching. Just like in any business, the operation of the church is the structural backbone to the organization. Operations help to ensure the church is functionally strong through business, finance, administrative and legal initiatives. Interns will assist in the operational infrastructure through development and implementation of key systems, processes, and methods.

Administration Lab

Administration gives shape and order to ministry. It is not a ministry afterthought, it’s a ministry essential and helps everyone work within their giftings. Interns will learn to have a big-picture view of what’s going on in the ministry. They will learn the communication and organizational skills to utilize resources effectively in ministry. Interns will also learn about the spiritual gifting of administration, developing and leading projects, as well as the importance of proper preparation and execution.

What to Expect

Our Internship is a full-time, non-paid Internship that provides a mix of high-impact, hands-on ministry experience, biblical and leadership teachings, along with weekly activities that are designed to help you build a great foundation for your life and purpose in ministry.

Approximately 70% of your time will be spent within the ministry lab you are assigned to. The other portion of your time you will be spent within the intern program. Throughout the program you will receive 1 on 1 coaching and access to staff and leaders. As an intern you will be a part of weekend services, special events and small groups — the places where we receive and love people from all walks of life!

Weekly Routine

Interns will be immersed in the culture of Transformation Church. Our internship operates five days a week Sunday-Thursday.  Interns will participate in weekly classes, staff meetings, workouts, conferences, events and so much more throughout the internship. Interns will have most Fridays and Saturdays off.

The Details

Age Limits

Anyone from ages 18 – 28

Program Dates

January 27th – July 29th 2020

*Interns will have an opportunity to be selected to become lead interns and stay through December 20th 2020

Tuition Cost


*A deposit of $500 is due on or before December 10th

  • There is a non-refundable application fee of $50
  • At this time we are not able to provide a placement for every applicant, therefore each  application will go through a screening process which may lead to a series of interviews before acceptance. 
  • Applicants selected for an interview will receive notification of the date and time of their interview.  
  • All applicants will be notified by email on December 5th of their application status. 
  • Upon acceptance a non-refundable deposit of $500 is due on or before December 10th to secure your spot. This deposit will be applied towards tuition. You can also pay your full tuition at this time should you choose to do so.


Most frequent questions and answers

(include but are not limited to the following)

Submit a signed internship application and consent to a background check.

Fully willing to support the vision and values of Transformation Church.

Interview with church staff.

Agree to the intern honor code.

We encourage anyone from ages 18-28 to apply. 

Your internship responsibilities may require transportation. While it is not a requirement to have a vehicle, it is required to have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.

No, not at this time.

No. Interns are not employees or independent contractors. No wages, insurance, or other compensatory benefits will be provided. As an intern you will gain firsthand experience in a career field you’re passionate about, and after successfully completing your internship you may apply for any open position or ask your supervisor to write you a letter of recommendation.

We understand some interns will need to secure outside employment, however, it is the expectation of the internship that you are able to meet all of the ministry expectations and time requirements. Therefore these commitments must take precedence over outside work schedules from Sunday-Thursday. 

No, there is no intern housing. It is up to each individual to secure their housing prior to arrival at the internship. 

No, but come with a willingness to learn.

At this time we do not offer school credit but we are happy to work with your school to provide them with any information needed showing coursework completed during this internship.

Tuition will assist in covering class materials, books, conference fees etc. Tuition does not cover room and board.

Tuition will assist in covering class materials, books, conference fees etc. Tuition does not cover room and board.

All church wide events are mandatory. This includes before, during, and after an event.

Interns will follow TC Staff time off.   If an intern needs to take time off, he/she will need to request time off in advance for approval as outlined in the Formation Handbook along with specific blackout dates.

Yes! No matter what your fitness level, we know that physical health is vital to total wellness and a major component in the ability to do ministry efficiently and effectively. Interns will be expected to maintain a fitness routine based on their level and also participate in fun group fitness challenges!

Interns will work approximately 30-38 hours each week with the exception of big events or special projects such as but not limited to: Easter, Flood Sunday, Fun Month,, Conferences, etc.

No. The goal of this internship is to develop the call God has put on your heart to pursue church ministry. Our goal is to help deploy you towards the path God may be leading you. At the completion of your internship, you are welcomed to discuss possible open positions with your supervisor.

If you did not find the answer to your question please email us at